"Setting a Higher Standard for Integrity in the Real Estate Industry"

Due to an unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service as a Realtor servicing Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village and surrounding Ventura County and Conejo Valley areas, many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services.

Joe Preston, Moorpark Homeowner

"Tove is the real (estate) deal! She loves her work, she cares about people, and has a wealth of professional experience to help buyers and sellers get the best deal for their unique situation. She got us into our current home a number of years ago and even came over recently to review my house remodel/addition plans to make sure that what I'm doing would be the right moves should I decide to sell later on. This proves that she's not all about closing a quick deal and making money but cares about helping her clients to be successful with their home sale or purchase."

Daralyn & Lynn Shackelford

To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider this a recommendation for the real estate services of Tove LaRussa.  My wife and I feel more than qualified to make a recommendation as she represented us in both the buying of our house in 2003, and the selling of our house in 2008. Not unlike buying a car, one is always searching for a reliable person who will provide an honest assessment and desires to place you in the home that is right for you and not focusing on one’s commission.

In addition to serving your desires, Tove has an unusually large amount of integrity, realizing that in the long run, to be successful in a community, one’s credibility is essential. She is responsive on a daily basis to returning phone calls, finding answers to your questions and providing accurate feedback on the current marketplace.

A delight to work with in buying, we contracted with her again in the selling of our house, and we were successful in what was a “down market.” Her persistence and legwork on follow‐ups to inquiries proved to be a big difference.

While there is a plethora of agents from whom to choose, we consider her tops in the field.


Daralyn & Lynn Shackelford



Kathy Bradford - Broker/Owner

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter today on behalf of Tove Larussa. You are obviously considering selling or buying a home if you are reading this letter. My name is Kathy Bradford and I am one of two owners of Coldwell Banker Premier. I have owned the Company since 2002 and having come from 17 years in the Real Estate industry I can stand behind Tove in every aspect.

Tove is a highly ethical person, both in her personal and professional life. Tove has a tremendous amount of energy, knowledge and perseverance. Couple this with her wealth of knowledge and work ethics; you are sitting with a Realtor that you can really trust to get the job done. Over the years I have watched Tove turn each client she works with into life long relationships. They in turn send their friends and family to her knowing the care they will receive.

You can be certain that when you work with Tove you will quickly discover that you have chosen a true professional and have acquired a friend for life.

To your success and the best to you,

Kathy Bradford
Coldwell Banker Premier
(805) 857-0364


Mr. and Mrs. Sawai.

February, 2017 


When we decided to put our house on the maket, Tove LaRussa was recommended to us by one of my husband's employees. Tove was extremely helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. She listened to our ideas and was very accommodating to our needs and wants. She allowed us to tell her how we wanted to sell our house and made suggestions that did not deviate far from what we wanted. She has been in the industry for many years and it shows through her knowledge and professionalism.

She helped us prepare to sell the house by providing us a list of stagers, repairman and cleaners for us to choose from and initiated the appointments required to pick the best choices for our needs. Tove conducts an open house every weekend. Once the house has a buyer she continues to conduct open houses and she does not back off of giving the property attention until the house is actually sold.

What made Tove stand out to us was her availability; her dedication to us; and her great communication skills. From notifying us about big events such as when she was going to be doing open houses to small events such as when she was just showing the house to individual buyers, she communicated beforehand what she would be planning at all times. Many times when we were out of town, Tove kept us updated and satisfied knowing that she had everything under control. Understanding that we were very attached to the house that we lived in for over 15 years, she was very considerate of the feelings that we had of letting go. We want to commend Tove for her outstanding professionalism and we will definitely use her again if we decide to buy a new house or sell our current house.

A Grateful Client


Thank you Danish Lady.

September 19, 2016

Selling your home can be a stressful ordeal. Our experience with Tove was positive from the moment she walked in our front door. Tove made the sales process so much easier. Her knowledge of the local real estate market was very impressive and reassuring. She always had a professional answer or got one for us without delay whenever we had questions. We especially appreciate her directness and honesty.

Tove always promptly returned our calls, and took care of our concerns. Her communication skills are outstanding and we always felt that she had only our best interest at heart. She is friendly, highly ethical and always respectful of her client’s opinion.

My husband and I strongly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of selling or buying a home.

Thank you Danish Lady.

Genevieve DeEiel


Thank you Tove!

 February 23rd. 2017

When we decided to list our condo for sale in Moorpark only one agent came to mind, Tove LaRussa at Berkshire Hathaway.

Years ago I met Tove at an open house in Moorpark and said we were just looking at the house to see how it compared with ours. She welcomed us in and showed us around, even though she knew we weren’t serious buyers. Even back then I was impressed by her warmth and friendly relaxed attitude. The memory of that day stuck with me years later, and helped us with our decision in choosing which agent we wanted to represent us in the sale of our condo.

After I contacted Tove about being our agent she set up a meeting in my home to discuss when we wanted to list and the best way to market our condo. By the time we were ready she had already researched the comparable listings so that we could set the price. When the renters had their final walk through Tove was there and immediately went through the property. She shared with us her thoughts on how to make our home as desirable to buyers as possible. Tove helped us with our decision to paint, make necessary repairs and stage our home. When the transformation was over even we were amazed. Our condo went from an unimpressive rental to a model home, (with cost factors closely watched), and the results were STUNNING, even we were amazed!

Tove told us that she always does a Friday, Saturday and Sunday Open House the first weekend to introduce herself to the neighbors and to open the house to possible buyers. Our condo wasn’t quite ready for public viewing till Saturday and by Sunday we had 3 strong “offers to buy”, to choose from.

With Tove’s help we picked our best offer and at that point she navigated us through all the necessary paperwork and documentation to begin the sale. She also personally made sure we were represented at the inspection and appraisal, and was always available to answer our many questions or concerns. The sale of the condo continued through without any issues and we actually closed more than a week early. We feel the early escrow closure was directly due to Tove’s hard work and her eye on details to ensure the sale went smoothly. She always made sure all the paperwork and DocuSign’s were up to date and kept the sale on track.

With her strong work ethics, eye on details, many years of experience and her honest approach, Tove makes you feel safe and taken care of. You also know that any issue or problem that may arise during the sale or buying of a home with her will be taken care of, in her calm and unruffled manner that she is well known for.

In todays Real Estate Market there are many agents to choose from, but only one stands out, Tove LaRussa.

Debra and Larry Miller

Heather Gocong.


Canstance Farkas

Dear Mr. Marjorino,

I am writing this letter to let you know how much my husband, Mike. And I appreciate the outstanding, professional, warm, interactions we had with Tove LaRussa. She recently sold our property in Thousand Oaks.
Tove took the lead and supported us through a horrendous tenant eviction process. She supervised an amazing cleanup and restoration of the property; and accomplished the impossible by listing the house in May and having it close by June! None of this could have happened without her guiding hand!
Tove has an exceptional talent in dealing with and relating to people. She worked with our different tenant; interacted with our contractor on the house restoration; and quickly found us a reliable buyer. She did this mainly through long distance communication as we live in Orange County. We knew we could count on Tove’s commitment to excellence in getting the job done.
We wanted to make you aware of Tove LaRussa’s spectacular performance. We will be recommending her to all of our Thousand Oaks friends and family, who may be in need of an outstanding, reliable, realtor.

Canstance Farkas

Laura L. McCarter

From:  Laura L. McCarter

RE: Tove LaRussa, Real Estate Expert

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Tove LaRussa for all of your real estate needs and wants. I have known Tove for over 7 years and have always found her to be helpful, knowledgeable and always willing to go that extra mile.

Tove was the first realtor to actually take me and my husband seriously when we decided to purchase our first piece of rental property. While other realtors kind of smiled at us and moved us along, Tove patiently and enthusiastically answered all of our questions and reassured us when we voiced our concerns. We have since purchased/sold 4 properties with Tove and referred her to our family and friends who have had numerous transactions with her, only to hear nothing but positive feedback about their dealings.

Not only do I respect Tove’s opinion and knowledge as a real estate professional, she is also a wonderful person with sincerity and honesty being just a few of her greatest traits. She is a genuinely nice person who made all of my real estate transactions a sheer joy to conduct.

I would highly recommend Tove LaRussa for all of your real estate needs. She truly is an asset for any company and a breath of fresh air for any client.


Laura L. McCarter,
A Very Satisfied Client



Drake Collier, Realtor

A Quick Note From Drake:

Drake Collier                
702-219-5807                     collierdrake@msn.com      
Hello, Cindy:
This is note of praise for one of your relo agents – Tove LaRussa.  Tove worked the
California side of a transaction for Loren and Betty Behm.  I was on the Las Vegas side.
The Behms are seniors and needed to sell their
California home in order to purchase the Las Vegas one – making the job a bit more difficult because it was a contingent offer.  As you know, these are tricky on a number of levels.  And, because of the Behm’s age, physical condition and out of state location this one was definitely a bit more of a challenge.  
Thank goodness Tove was there!  Communication, prompt responses and, candidly, a bit of hand holding were absolutely critical to overcome (more than a few) obstacles that would have prevented an on-time successful outcome.  She was just superb!
I’ve never met Tove. And, she did not know I was going to write this note. If she did I suspect she’d simply say “I was just doing my job.”  And, that’s true.  But, I think it’s important for you to know that she went way, way beyond that “extra mile".  And, she always did it with a smile; she was always there.  And, Cindy, words can’t express how valuable that extra effort was to both me and, more importantly, the Behms  When you get their evaluation I know you’ll hear similar praise.
We, in real estate, all get (or offer up) complaints, gripes and/or expressions of concern.  I hope you will accept this sheer praise for one of your agents as welcome news! And, I hope she realizes much success because of it.
Drake Collier - ABR/Realtor
Phone: (702) 219-5807
Fax:     (702) 317-3025
Web: drakecollierhomes.com
10777 W. Twain
Suite # 100.
Las Vegas, NV89135


Juliana's Testimonial.

I used to ask myself what makes an effective yet also efficient real estate agent.The first personality trait that comes to mind is trustworthiness.

I first met Tove LaRussa in 2013 while looking to purchase a property. Almost immediately upon getting to know her I knew that Tove has a uniquely wonderful personality, not to mention her local knowledge, expertise and experience. Tove knew the market extremely well and her expertise covers most Ventura County cities.

I ended up renting for a year and as soon as I was ready to buy I knew who to call.

Since I was moving from L.A. County and unfamiliar with the area, Tove spent a tremendous amount of time showing me countless properties in the various parts of the county. She did it with incredible patience, and she always provided a calming environment even in stressful situations during escrow.

Tove is a warm hearted, kind person who strives to do the right thing in every circumstance. She always gave me wise suggestions and practical advice. She is sincerely thoughtful, reliable, truthfully honest and passionate about her work. Her kind, down-to-earth attitude and caring but professional manner toward her clients is deeply appreciated.

I would definitely recommend Tove LaRussa to anyone looking for a trustworthy, dedicated and professional real estate agent. It was a blessing for me to find Tove as my agent.

Thank you Tove for all your sincere efforts, time and expertise you demonstrated throughout my home buying process.

You are wonderful.

Best wishes,
Juliana. (818) 307-7653

Tove LaRussa - A true professional in her field.

      When deciding to move out of state we looked in the Acorn to find a realtor.  Luckily we called Tove LaRussa.  Not only was she readily available but very informative.  Tove is very friendly and organized.  She helped us to understand each step of the process and delivered and faxed all the necessary papers. We received and accepted an offer on the 4th day.  She also had backup offers available in case of any snags with financing etc.

      Being with Prudential she had many tools and resources.  We were connected to a relocation realtor for Las Vegas and the two realtors  coordinated everything to make our move as smooth as possible.  Tove also brought us several moving boxes which helped with our pre-packing.
      We strongly recommend Tove LaRussa. 
You will not be disappointed.
                                                                         Loren and Betty Behm



Thank you for supporting our local Food Bank

Dear Tove, 

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your continued support of your community. Unknowingly you have given hope to over 75,000 people in our community that may not be able to bridge a crucial gap.  The gap between how much they need to make it thought the month and what they actually make. You have helped out seniors and parents keep gas in the car, to get to their job so they can buy food and have money to pay their bills, ultimately keeping a roof over their heads.  Your recent food drive has supplied much needed food to over 150 agencies in Ventura County that are responsible for getting the food out to the community.  Thank you for continuing to care about your neighbors.


Live Love Laugh,

Karen Jensen

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